New Release : Black White Tattoo Style Stickers

68pcs black white tattoo vinyl skateboard car laptop stickers pack

Tattoos arts has a long history for more than 5000 years , since Egyptians used them to tell the peasants and slaves. While in the last years ,this art has really exploded ,becoming a popular “trend.”

There are many reasons why people choose a tattoo, for example , to draw attention, for self-expression, rebellion, reminders of traditions,rebellion, or identification with a group and so on .With a tattoo to to promote their personality, it help people to know real you, while on the other hand ,some people choose to hide behind tattoos.

So here in our website ,we offer a whole pack of 68 pieces of the tattooed stickers ,with the black white background only ,to enjoy the body art. These tattooed girl stickers will be perfect for car, bumper, skateboard, guitar decals.