Four Easy Steps To Install Car Stickers

car vinyl stickers baby on board

Car stickers are always a great fun addition to make your car stand out. Either a sticker of your favorite team logo that you support, or the movie character and scene you fancy, or any decals you want to apply.

Guess what , it is also the most easy and cheap car modifications to show your personality.Here is how to install a car sticker ,just four simple steps;

Step 1, Clean. Wipe the surface ,dry the area.

Step 2, Peel. Peel off the background layer from the sticker carefully.

Step 3, Apply. Put the stickers on the surface slowly, star with one corner ,and use finger or card to push the rest of the sticker.

Step 4, Remove the backing layer. Now we can remove the back layer, by peeling offer it from the star corner.

how to apply a car stickers

Putting a sticker on your car is not difficult, follow our step, decor your car now .

car vinyl stickers family on board