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What Is A Transparent Sticker ?

transparent clear stickers decals pack

A transparent sticker is just like an ordinary sticker but with its background to be clear. So there will be no white border or background color, just only your design on clear sticker.

transparent clear vinyl stickers decals pack

Most transparent stickers have a self adhesive backing on the back of the stickers, sometimes it will be on the front, which enables you to face mount the stickers to the inside of windows.

transparent clear stickers decals pack

Transparent stickers are perfectly fit for packaging of products , or bottle labeling, or any situations that the product background wanted to be seen through the sticker graphics.

For example ,the clear transparent stickers are mostly used for clear window decal, shop front graphics, as its transparent background will not block the view of the store inside, making an outstanding design at the same time.

transparent clear vinyl stickers decals pack

(Image 1 : a transparent sticker with clear background)

transparent clear vinyl stickers decals pack

(Image 2: an ordinary sticker with colorful background  )


Supreme: the Most Popular Streetwear Brand

supreme collection

Launched in 1994, supreme brand has brought a huge impact  on street wear and  skate lifestyle. it mainly produce clothes, shoes, skateboards and related accessories such as supreme stickers, supreme money gun, bricks and more.

supreme brand

It can be said without exaggeration that Supreme has been one of the most popular brands by among young people worldwide. A lot of celebrities wear supreme, which in return to lead to the surge in popularity.

popular streetwear brand supreme


Supreme mostly manufactures their own products, but every now and again they delight fans and grow new ones by collaborating with artists, designers, photographers, musicians and other brands to release new products. Fans claim that supreme is more than a clothing but a kind of lifestyle with its own uniqueness and originality.

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New Release : Star Wars Sticker

Cartoon Mickey Funny Star Wars

Being created in 1977, Star Wars may be regarded as an old movie , but it’s popularity is still extending into the world until now. So it will be a terrific idea to combine your love for the classic with some cute Star Wars Stickers for laptop,Mac or skateboard decals .

Here is a new release of Star Wars sticker in our website, particularly adding the cartoon and funny elements in the sticker designs ,making an outstanding sense of style.

Cartoon Mickey Funny Star Wars

Among the stickers, you can see Cartoon character dressing like Imperial Stormtrooper, Darth Vader playing hula hoop,the cute bb-8…… And my favirate one is the starwars coffee ,lol,not a starbucks but a starwars.

Cartoon Mickey Funny Star Wars

Totally there are 25pcs various stickers in this pack ,you can buy from this link:

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New Release: Back to School Stickers

back to school stickers

Are you ready for the 2018 back to school season? How many items are added to your shopping cart? Which strategy will you use to show your own school pride?

Just keep an eye on our cute “back to school stickers”! Which could be sticked on any of your school supplies. For example, you can stick your favorite stickers such as Peppa Pig stickers on your new book, notebook. Or you can also custom stick with your name  to make your new school things outstand & prevent losing something as well as staying organized.

The benefits of back to school stick is more than this. Just visit our online store to enjoy more cute stickers and all your school organization needs!